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A background check is an essential part of the candidate selection process. A background check is the most accurate way to verify the credentials of a candidate. It also allows hiring managers to learn about any less than desirable information that many candidates won’t share on their resumes. Every hiring manager wants to make sure that they find the right candidate for the job. A candidate’s credentials are only one piece of that puzzle. Employers want to hire people that they consider responsible and trustworthy. While background checks are a great way to confirm a candidate and prevent any hiring mishaps, hiring managers must follow a set of guidelines to protect both the candidate and your company. There are many local and national laws in place to protect the privacy of people who are looking for jobs. Background checks should be reasonable and are best done when they are aligned with both the job profile and local laws.


  • The resume is a standard application requirement. It should include relevant information regarding a candidate’s education, employment, skills, and any volunteer positions that the candidate feels fit the role. You should examine the resume carefully in search of any inconsistencies. This may include irrelevant positions or large gaps of missing time.
  • As the job market becomes more difficult, job candidates seem to be submitting more misleading resumes than ever before. Surveys suggest that the longer people are unemployed, the less accurate their resume is. Hiring managers should approach resumes with a watchful eye. Common fibs include listing universities that a candidate attended but did not graduate from or writing misleading job titles for previous positions. In 2008, the Wall Street Journal published a guide on how to spot resume fraud. They suggest that hiring managers always ask for the exact circumstances regarding changes in employment. Employers should also enquire about gaps between employment. Some applicants may be fibbing to help their careers advance, but it can be hard to distinguish between little lies and resume fraud. The best way to tell if a statement is questionable is if the candidate answers specific questions with broad and evasive answers. This is usually a warning sign that the inaccuracy on the resume is more than an embellishment and that the candidate does not have the skills to perform the job they are applying for.
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  • We are in a position to deliver these background checks across India (except certain sensitive / disturbed areas). We also have the capability to provide most of these checks in the overseas geographies too.

Employment History

  • Confirming a candidate’s employment history is an essential step when you are screening a candidate. This step should be easy to perform. However, red flags may begin to appear if the process becomes unclear and you begin to receive information that does not match the data provided by the candidate. If there are discrepancies in the candidate’s former job title, dates of employment or listed salary, you should proceed with caution.

Full-Service Background Check Companies

  • Employment background check companies offer a comprehensive screening solution.
  • The providers do all of the research for you. They search online databases and make in-person courthouse visits to check for criminal history. They can also verify past employment and education, as well as dig into a variety of other areas of a candidate’s background.

The specific types of screenings employment background check services conduct include the following:

1. Employment verifications
2. Education verifications
3. Reference checks
4. Medical checks
5. Address history checks

Employee Background Verification

Whether you are a one person proprietorship adding your first employee, a small business expanding rapidly across functional areas, a medium business growing across different product lines and geographies, or a large enterprise spreading across continents, we have all your background screening and verification needs covered.

Whether you are considering employee background verification for the first time or you are a veteran who has ‘been there, done that’ with background checks, we look forward to talking to you. So explore this section, blog, our social media presence and feel free to reach out to us.

Are you still wondering if employee background verification is just for large companies or if it is a waste of time and money? Do read our Why employee background verification section to explore further.

The case studies section will present some of the real life cases which we have seen in our experience. Easy as they may seem in catching the discrepancies among the employee credentials, it is easier for them to remain undetected if professional third party background screening is not used.

Address Check

Your next hire may not be traceable in times of emergency. Potential candidates may provide fake address making communication and reaching out difficult in times of need.

Verify your candidate’s current place of residence and the period of stay for communication. You can also verify your candidate’s permanent address for cases of emergency.

At Vericare, we leverage latest technology and our extensive network to provide quick address verification through physical visits to the locations and feedback from family and neighbors.

Education Check

With thousands of students competing for coveted jobs, spread of diploma mills and latest development in technology facilitating ease in forging information, it has become more than necessary to screen educational qualifications of your candidates for fitment.

Quick, Compliant Education Verification can help you verify:

  • Degree- If the degree is genuine or not
  • Issuing Authority- If the issuing authority is genuine or not
  • Course- If the course mentioned is correct or not
  • Status- Whether mentioned course was completed or not
  • Tenure- If the tenure and year of passing are correct or not

At Vericare, we leverage latest technology and our extensive network reach the education institutions to verify the minutest of details provided by the candidate and fetch you quick, unbiased and secure results while being compliant with laws and regulations.

Employment Check

Your employees can have a dramatic impact on your brand reputation and performance. Screening your employees is a must for creating a safe workplace and a conducive atmosphere. This also goes a long way in ensuring the right candidate for the right role.

Verify your potential hire for past employment details like company, role served, designation, tenure & references.

At Vericare, we leverage latest technology and our extensive network to deliver quick, accurate, unbiased and globally compliant background verification of your potential hires from their ex-organizations.