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“Thank you for showing your interest in VERICARE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. Kindly take out few minutes out of your busy schedule going through this brief synopsis. We’ll try to give a small snapshot about VERICARE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, the services which we offer and how we could add value to your esteemed organization. We’re sure, it’ll be worth your time.
We at VERICARE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY believes that if as a authorized sourcing partner, we cannot off-shoulder our liet’s burden by our skilled value addition through putting our best efforts forward, then any association is immaterial and ineffectual. We are looking forward to being associated with your esteemed organization as a promising sourcing partner and contributing substantially to your recruitment process.”

WHO WE ARE ...??

VERICARE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY was founded in 2013 by a group of highly competent and experienced professionals to provide services on outsource basis in areas such as corporate strategy, human resource, data conversion, corporate communications, educational counselling and other support services to companies of all industrial sectors. VERICARE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY makes industries and institutes to be more valuable, beating their competitors and generating substantial and lasting impact. The mission of VERICARE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY is to be one of the leading providers of targeted education and job related consultancy services in India. VERICARE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, driven by the core value of “Every individual is special”, inspires and involves young talent aspirants looking for their dream job through advocacy, consultancy, projects, targeted education and overall personality development. At VERICARE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, we are changing the perception that only top institutes have talents and only they can attract big companies and MNC,s. Working of this meritocracy, we go that extra mile helping both the industry and the institutes outperform to build trust and become a more effective and efficient organization and we are on for it, Whatever it takes.


 At VERICARE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, our focus has been on recruitments for all the levels, IT & Non-IT Industry segments for both MNC’s and leading  ,  Indian companies. VERICARE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY staffing solutions are custom designed to suit any organizational requirement and it is supported by an expert implementation team that tailors services to meet specific HR needs. We offer an array of end-to-end manpower management services. VERICARE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY operates through domain specialist team and provides high quality direct hire services to meet its clients specific requirements.   Our services & solutions are designed to suit your dynamic requirements are of the following 4 types:




# RPO (recruitment process outsourcing)

We Ensure you a high  %  of  Non-Duplicity

Every recruiter uses the job portal, so what’s special about it ? To reduce portal CV duplications, we are “INNOVATIVELY DYNAMIC” in designing and implementing     an apt sourcing strategy for you! Not all mandates are the same and neither are all assignments. Lining up candidates for a generic skills drive is one thing and working for niche skill mandate is another. Hence our tactics for both these extremities are radically different. Certain projects require more of a volume driven generic skill-set approach ,  whereas some are specialty requirements which require extensive “OUT-OF-THE-BOX” sourcing skill thinking. So when it comes to reaching out to a maximum qualified pool of candidates and finding you the right candidates